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Dynamics: What Does Sexual Assault Really Look Like?

This training module is designed to explore the dynamics of sexual assault by examining common misconceptions and stereotypes, and reviewing research on the prevalence and characteristics of sexual assault. These dynamics have profound implications for the law enforcement investigation, victim responses, and strategies for successful prosecution.

Victim Impact: How do Sexual Assault Victims Respond?

This training module is designed to explain the impact of sexual assault victimization on the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of victims. Increased understanding of this impact can improve victim responses, but the effects also have critical implications for a successful law enforcement investigation and prosecution of sexual assault.

Suggested Guidelines for Language Use on Sexual Assault

This training bulletin offers recommendations for language that can improve our verbal and written communications as professionals in the field, helping us to provide information in ways that maximize our accuracy and clarity - and to avoid common tendencies that can create confusion, perpetuate misinformation, and contribute to a climate of doubt and victim blame.

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