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We have exciting news! The EVAWI team has been working for many months to completely redesign and overhaul our website. During the migration to the new website, we will be unable to collect user data from August 26th through September 9th. This means that if you register and complete a webinar, create an OLTI account, enroll in a module, or pass a course test, your enrollment, progress, and certificates of completion will not transfer to the new website. If you are concerned about a loss of data, we encourage you to find a comfortable stopping point prior to August 26th, and then resume your training once the new website launches.


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To contact us, please select one of the following topic areas to ensure that your message is directed to the appropriate staff member. Then fill in your contact information and hit “Submit Request.”

We usually respond to inquiries quite promptly, so if you have not heard back from us in 3 business days, please give us a call at (509) 684-9800 between the hours of 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

OnLine Training Institute
Registrations, password retrievals, continuing education units, test resets, certificates, and general troubleshooting for the OLTI
OLTI Helpdesk
EVAWI Training Events
Information on upcoming and past EVAWI training events.
Jacque Bassett, Janelle Buckley, Cathy Fox, Katie Leithead
Accreditation for OnLine Training Institute
New applications for accreditation to offer continuing education for OLTI courses
Alison Jones-Lockwood
Resource Library
Suggested materials to add or update, as well as other feedback on the resource library
Alison Jones-Lockwood, Susan Moore
Start by Believing Campaign
Information on Start by Believing campaign, including materials, logos and graphic artwork.  Send us your campaign photos and success stories!
Alison Jones-Lockwood, Jacque Bassett, Susan Moore
Marketplace / Store
Online store purchases and bulk orders of Start by Believing print materials
Katie Leithead, Cathy Fox
Accounting / Payments
Payments, refunds, invoices, receipts, donations, and other financial questions. Our W-9 and other documents are available on our Disclosures page.
Jessica Fisher
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms
Alison Jones-Lockwood, Susan Moore
Feedback on the website including suggestions for material to add or update
Jacque Bassett, Susan Moore
Subject Matter Expertise
Information and technical assistance regarding sexual assault, forensic compliance, and gender bias.
Joanne Archambault, Kim Lonsway
Media Inquiries
Media requests for information or interviews
Joanne Archambault, Kim Lonsway
All Other Inquiries
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*Job Title  (e.g. Officer, Detective, Nurse, Assistant District Attorney)
*Type of Organization/Position*
  *State/Province    *Zip/Postal Code 
*Email Confirmation
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End Violence Against Women International

 Address: 145 S Main St
Colville, WA  99114-2405
 Phone: (509) 684-9800
 Fax: (509) 684-9801





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