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Sexual Assault Kits: Using Science to Find Solutions
The broad use of DNA technology in forensic laboratories, starting in the early 2000s, gave us a powerful tool that has not only improved the investigation of sexual assault and other serious crimes but has also helped solve cold cases, identify the missing, and exonerate hundreds of innocent people who were convicted of crimes the?y did not commit.? At the same time, concern has been growing about the nation’s response to sexual assault. Concerns range from the large numbers of sexual assault kits in police storage that have never been tested, to the high number of assaults that were never reported, to the response to sexual assault on campuses.? The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the scientific research arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, supports a range of studies related to sexual assault, especially research related to the processing and testing of sexual assault kits. NIJ has worked with a number of cities — Los Angeles, New Orleans, Detroit, Houston, and others — in leading the way toward change.?
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