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EVAWI Resource: Model Policy Materials Evidence Retention, Disposition, and/or Removal
This document was created to provide law enforcement guidance when developing policies and procedures for the retention, disposition, and/or removal of evidence. While law enforcement agencies typically have appropriate policies and procedures for evidence in general, most do not specifically address the types of evidence often found in a sexual assault case. This includes used wet condoms, containers with liquid that might have been used in a drug or alcohol facilitated sexual assault, and forensic evidence kits, including those collected when the victim has not yet decided to personally report to law enforcement at the time of the medical forensic examination (non-investigative reports). Policies and procedures also need to address evidence collected from victims who report to law enforcement at the time of the medical forensic examination, but are then unable to participate in the process of the investigation. This document also addresses evidence retention guidelines for sexual assault cases that are unfounded, either because they are determined to be false or baseless, as well as those cases that are recorded as an informational report rather than a crime report. Particularly detailed guidance is provided on the policies and procedures for storing biological evidence. The document provides specific text that can be adapted for use by agencies when crafting policies and procedures, as well as instructional commentary and supplemental materials. It can therefore be used as an educational tool to assist in the development of training materials and performance evaluations.
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