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EVAWI Training Bulletin Series: Alternative Reporting Methods
This training bulletin series was designed to explore the key issues related to VAWA forensic compliance and alternative reporting methods for sexual assault victims. In the first installment, we begin by introducing the key terms, and concepts associated with alternative reporting methods and VAWA forensic compliance. In subsequent bulletins, we will highlight two communities that have developed excellent alternative reporting methods options for victims of sexual assault: Cambria County, Pennsylvania and Ashland, Oregon. We will also review critical components that must be considered when implementing alternative reporting options for victims, such as developing procedures for victims to convert to a standard reporting process, determining how long evidence will be stored in connection with alternative reporting methods, and creating a multidisciplinary protocol for all of the professionals who will be involved. Finally, we will conclude this series of training bulletins with recommendations for best practices
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Last Updated: 6/25/2020 5:02:33 PM
Keywords: Reporting, Alternative, Methods
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