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The roster of speakers was excellent. I came away energized and inspired to bring back info to the SANEs and our SART members. One of my goals in the near future is to work through our team to get our community to initiate a Start by Believing campaign.  
~ Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner

I have learned new skills to help enhance my practice and learned communication techniques that will assist me with helping my victims. I feel re-committed after this conference, to my victims and to my fellow SANE group. I want to start a "Start by Believing" Campaign in my area and have already used this approach with a SANE victim case I had the day I got home from the conference. It was powerful for both the victim and myself. My victim wrote me a beautiful note the next day thanking me. I truly believe it will help her with permanent recovery and help me to carry on! Thank you for a wonderful conference!  
~ Health Professional

Provided excellent information related to multidisciplinary approach. It was very helpful to have information about perpetrators so that survivors can be educated- which can raise the potential for reducing their sense of self blame.  
~ Campus Professional

It was great to hear from others in our field. Sometimes one can feel like a lone wolf or one is beating their head against the wall. It is good to hear that others are having the same challenges and hear how they are overcoming them.  
~ Victim Advocate

The EVAWI training was a great place to recharge and gather new ideas to solve old problems. I appreciated the space to learn and reflect on what can be done differently in my home state.
~ Legal Professional

I don't think I have ever been in an environment where so many disparate professions and talents have come together in a focused and intense effort to identify and strive to achieve a result.
~ Municipal Court Judge

EVAWI is at the forefront to help and devise and pass on useful information to serve the needs of crime victims - especially Native women who work and live in Indian Country. I was impressed at how much had been done for women at the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence conference and attended several workshops where I learned a lot and look forward to learning more at the Maryland conference.
~ Victim Advocate, Native American Tribe

I am more inspired to work on finding funding for services I hope to provide in domestic violence shelters.  I was beginning to lose steam and think it wasn't actually possible, but am re-energized to provide the best treatment for this population.
~ Registered Nurse, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, & Domestic Violence Advocate

EVAWI helps train multidisciplinary agencies and better their knowledge in this area.  With that, they empower the rest of their agencies and families in their communities that they come back to.  Whether they use the information right away or store it, having that information available to them will help someone at sometime.
~ Police Detective, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Without the state-of-the-art information that I get at your conferences I couldn't do my work.
~ Attorney

I think this training gives me a broad education in the most up-to-date tools and resources available to assist the victims that I interact with.  It is also a great way to refresh my perspectives and ‘re-charge my battery’ to continue on in the work I do with domestic violence.
~ Law Enforcement

If we … just take one aspect that we learned here and apply it to our area of expertise, [we can] show our colleagues that as a group things can be done to improve the violence that is occurring towards women.  We have to stand together to make this change - one small group can't get it done.
~ Forensic Examiner

It is refreshing to have training on difficult issues - it allows the ‘passion’ to grow again and I can better help the victims I help when I feel positive - not burned out.
~ Victim Witness Coordinator
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