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I’d like you to know that EVAW online training was a primary resource for me getting started in this position a month ago, and I found it incredibly enriching and helpful. It is awesome to know you are out there as a resource.
~Sexual Assault Service Provider

As a Brigade SARC and trying to keep our VAs certified every two years with 32 hours of CEUs your web page is the best there is. Everyone of the 20 VAs that are with me I have referred them to do their CEUs here.
~ Brigade SARC, US Army

I have all of my officers working on completing the online training that you offer through EVAWI, what a great program!!!  We also have a Public Safety Training Center that is affiliated with the University … and the Police Department, and I was wondering if it would be ok with you if we attached a link from our Public Safety Institute Training Institute to your Online Training for EVAWI... I think we can help get the word out and get more people this training.
~ Chief, Campus Police Department

As the sponsor of a Gay, Straight Alliance and a teacher at the [Tribal] High School, I am constantly meeting with students who have had to deal with some sort of sexual abuse.  When I learned of these courses, which are completely free through EVAWI’s OnLine Training Institute (OLTI), I put myself through all of them.  My goal was to further educate myself to be better able to work with those who have been victimized and to avoid revictimizing them to the highest degree possible.  I am currently working on my PhD in Psychology and have found that the OLTI courses have enriched my input in class and in working towards my goal of eventually working in a Police Department Sex Crimes Division.  The benefits of these courses have served me in all my work settings and I highly recommend them to other teachers, nurses, PD volunteers and really anyone I meet that is looking for or could benefit from any such trainings.  
~ Special Education Teacher / Gay, Straight Alliance Sponsor, Tribal High School

I thought you may like to know how practical your courses have proven to be to me in many different settings.  I absolutely love your courses and promote them at any chance I have.  I appreciate the courses and highly respect the work you do in providing them to the public.  As a survivor myself and on behalf of other survivors, I thank you for that.
~ Survivor

I have found the [online] courses interesting and very informative. The topics you address are fact-filled with good information that my staff and I can put to use in our work right now. I like the fact that your courses do not get bogged-down in statistics that no one remembers 5 minutes after being read. I also like the fact that your courses were prepared in such a way as they will be immediately useful to the novice investigator and the seasoned investigator as well. Many times online training is so detailed and written poorly that the reader loses interest within a few chapters. I did not find that to be the case with your training. I understand that several of my staff have completed your courses and they found them useful and beneficial to our work. I look forward to the next course.
~Supervisor, U.S. Department of Defense

I have learned new trial strategies and ways in communicating with victims of unique populations.
~ Prosecutor

I just satisfactorily completed the second training module EVAWI 02 and want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your dedicated and compassionate co-authoring of such an insightful and authoritative presentation. I am chomping at the bit to take the first module but … I took the EVAWI 02 (my first module) out of sequence because it stirred my interest. I am a minister of the gospel and need the kind of training you provide in order to better equip me to minister to the hurting, especially the marginalized victims of rape who are not believed and taken as seriously as they should be … I am saddened that justice is denied to so many victims because they do not fit a mythical mold.
~ Christian Minister
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