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EVAWI is a voice in the fight to end violence against women.  It provides the latest in research and statistics on sexual assault and domestic violence and does everything it can to educate anyone who has an interest in how to end violence against women.
~ Deputy Chief, Criminal Investigations and Member, Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force

The article [on VAWA forensic compliance] was one of the most useful I have seen in awhile in ‘Police Chief’ [magazine] and certainly the best on this issue.  Thanks for this contribution.
~ Former Police Detective and FBI Agent

Your article [on VAWA forensic compliance] presents our questions about best practices beautifully-it couldn't have arrived at a better time!
~ District Attorney’s Office, Pennsylvania

I just finished your DNA article from the ‘Sexual Assault Report.’ Brilliant! … Your article is the first thing that I have read on the subject that captures all the nuances that keep me up at night!
~ Staff Attorney, State Coalition

Your hard work is definitely paying off, and your education and information trickles down in the craziest ways.  Thank you for all you and your partners are doing - the effects are truly felt and victims will be better served by it.
~ Coordinator, Multidisciplinary Response Team

Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo!  Thank you … so much for the critical information you’ve given American women.  I so hope it lights the needed fires.
~ Executive Director, Victim Advocacy Organization

Thanks so much for your constant work in this regard, I always read your emails from start to end and often follow links and print off information to share with our volunteers for their continuing education.  I will be referring this specific training to our volunteers for the same purpose.  The entire IPSA [intimate partner sexual assault] concept is one that has so many cultural roadblocks, this training will really open some minds and be especially helpful for our Help Line volunteer advocates.  … Know that your efforts ripple out and touch many.
~ Coordinator, Family Support Center

I just read your Training Bulletin:  When to Conduct an Exam or Interview.  Great stuff!  We are in the process of reviewing/updating our General Order on sexual assault investigations and will certainly be including elements of this into our new order.
~ Sergeant, Crime Prevention Unit

Thank you so much for your time and assistance.  This will all be very helpful, and if there is a chance that this case can be salvaged, this will be it... You all are wonderful.
~ Criminal Investigator, U.S. Military

EVAWI is leading the way in changing the way systems respond to sexual violence by conducting research and providing technical assistance.  Changing the way systems respond ultimately has an effect on individual women's experiences and hopefully helps to eradicate the problem entirely.
~ Coordinator, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

The forms and protocol you sent were perfect-just what the project needed.  I also greatly appreciate your quick response.
~ Criminal Justice System Planner, State Commission on Crime and Delinquency

Thank you so much for your help this morning.  I immediately spoke with my supervisor and we will soon be approaching the [police department] with an attractive support package. I have a good feeling about this.
~ Disability Advocate / Sexual Assault Advocate

We are now using this information … to try to take a closer look at how we are investigating sexual assault cases and whether we can improve our arrest outcomes with some changes.  Thanks very much for all the information and assistance.
~ Planning and Grants Administrator, Police Department
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