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I am looking forward to listening to the webinar once it is up on your website.  I want to take better notes and write down a few quotes … this presentation was deeper into the mechanisms at play, and clearer than the already amazing presentations my son and I have seen previously.
~ Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

I had my Sex Crimes Detectives come to my office to watch this webinar with me.  When I was given the opportunity to transition from being the DV [Domestic Violence] commander to lead the Special Victims Unit for our department (DV, Sex Crimes and Crimes Against Seniors) one of my first projects was to review all of the previous year sex crimes reports and noticed that there was a lot of notes about the victim not being truthful because the story kept changing or they became defiant when answering questions about what had happened.  At my first meeting with Sex Crimes we talked about victims of trauma and that their recollection would be jarred and out of order and that this was typical and not a sign of a person that was a liar.  Since that meeting detectives took the initiative to learn more about this very topic and have become more successful in their investigations.  What I didn’t have was a protocol to use when asking questions, which we now have thanks to this webinar.  I am grateful for your passion!
~ Police Lieutenant, Special Victims Unit Commander

The webinar … was outstanding!  How can we get others to get on board with this?  Attorneys, advocates, nurses, doctors, parents, teachers … With the bulk of delayed reports, having police handle reports well is crucial.  There are many people who influence the victim/survivor before and after the assault and before, during, and after contact is made with the police.  So much change is needed.
~ Parent of a Survivor

[The] webinar was excellent.  We had three local law enforcement attend here at our office, our SANE/SART Coordinator and all the [victim advocacy] staff as well as one of our Board Members.  It was a great training and the LE [law enforcement professionals] walked away wanting to share the questions with their colleagues.  All who participated found it very valuable.

We appreciate opportunities like this as we continue to grow and improve in how we serve our community.
~ Executive Director, Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Center

Really great stuff, every time I get to listen to you … it re-energizes me, thank you for that!  This is a wonderful thing you’re doing with the whole webinar series, I can’t wait to be a part of the next one.
~ Police Detective, Sex Crimes Unit
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