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Here at EVAWI, we work hard to achieve our vision of a world where survivors receive the compassion, support, and justice they deserve. But we need your help.

These virtual “Walls of Tribute” are designed to honor survivors and professionals who are dedicated to improving our nation’s ability to effectively respond to the millions of victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Each wall will be built, brick by brick. Donations from each wall will go toward a specific scholarship fund to attend our annual international conferences. Our goal is to recognize the heroes in our field and provide financial assistance to deserving individuals who would not be able to attend training without support. Our intention is to ensure that survivors who have the courage to come forward and reach out for help, receive the competent and compassionate professional response they deserve. Please join us in a heartfelt tribute and help build the momentum for positive change.

Law Enforcement Tribute
To Protect and Serve
Survivor Tribute
Celebrating Courage and Healing
Prosecutor Tribute
Honoring Legal Champions
Forensic Nurse Tribute
Hope, Change, and Nursing
Victim Advocate Tribute
Recognizing Support and Service
Past Tributes
Dr. Marlene A. Young
Visionary Victim Advocate
Dr. Patricia M. Speck
Hope, Change, and Nursing
Teresa Scalzo
Honoring Legal Champions
Virginia Lynch
Mother of Forensic Nursing
Joan Zorza
Unwavering Advocate for Victim Rights
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